AP One 300M range?

I’m considering the AP One 300M as a compliment to a Balance router for two separate offices, but I’m having trouble finding some information on the distance the APs can provide. What is the advertised distance for the AP One models?

The values of WiFi Signal range depend heavily on the environments and the type of WiFi clients due to a number of interference in the air. The followings are the approximate values of WiFi Signal range with a notebook WiFi client in a great environment:

AP One mini: around 100m
AP One: around 400m - 500m
AP One 300M: around 100m
AP One X: around 700m

For mobile devices, the values of WiFi Signal range would reduce about 20% in comparison with a notebook client.
I hope this information helps.

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Thanks for the response. I’m a bit confused about one thing. Is the range for the AP One 300M accurate? It’s the same as the AP One mini at around 100m.

The model name of AP One 300M might have been a bit confusing. But actually it is correct.

AP One mini and AP One 300M have the same transmit power of 17dbm, which gives you 50 mW. So you can get roughly around 100m of range from these devices in a great environment. Please see the WiFi specification of this page.

However, AP One 300 M is a MIMO device using two antennas. So theoretically the total throughput would be 300Mbps.
On the other hands, AP One mini is not a MIMO device. So the total throughput would be 150Mbps.

I hope this answers your question.

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It is a bit confusing from the name, from increase in wifi signal range over the different devices, and from the price of the device. It makes sense the One Mini has the lowest range at around 100m, but I would have expected the One 300M to be similar to the AP One at 400m-500m.

Thank you for answering my question and clarifying this.

Does this mean that the two antennas of 300M support dual band 2.4/5GHz?

300M has single radio with selectable dual band? Regardless of which radio band is used, does the two antennas used simultaneously? Am I correct if I say that the 300M is 2x2 MIMO? and AP One/mini AP One are 1x1 MIMO?

Isn’t it all 802.11n are MIMO? Are you saying that the AP One is not MIMO as the mini AP One?

Please clarify.

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The AP One 300M is software selectable, so you can use either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz but not both simultaneously which can also be done on the AP One Mini. Yes if there is two antenna connectors on the device it would be MIMO. So the AP One 300m would be MIMO capable either on 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Where as the AP One mini/AP One are just 1 antenna so technically they wouldn’t be MIMO capable as MIMO is for multiple antennas. If there are two antennas (AP One 300m) it does use both antennas at the same time as it uses same total transmit power over both antennas.

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The AP One 300M does use both antennas simultaneously, this is how the 2x2 MIMO works. It is a single radio with selectable dual band. It is capable of 2 spatial streams for a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps using a 40 MHz wide channel.

The AP One and AP One mini are capable of 1 spatial stream for a maximum data rate of 150 Mbps using a 40 MHz channel.

You have to be in a very clean environment to actually get the radios to sync at these data rates, and due to the overhead of 802.11 the actual real-world throughput is about half of the data rate it is synced at.

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Thanks Jarid and Tim.

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Are the wifi signal ranges for the industrial APs in line with those numbers?

AP Pro
AP Pro 300M
AP Pro Duo

I’m considering the Pro Duo for the 600Mbps as a stop-gap until Peplink releases some 802.11ac models, but I’m interested in the estimated range.

Please see the below information.
Again, these numbers can be reduced due to some interference in the environments especially with 2.4Ghz band.

  1. AP Pro (2.4Ghz / 300Mbps MIMO): around 700m

  2. AP Pro 300M (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz / 300Mbps MIMO) 2.4Ghz: around 700m / 5Ghz: around 650m

  3. AP Pro Duo (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz / 600Mbps MIMO) 2.4Ghz: around 700m / 5Ghz: around 650m

I hope this information helps.

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It does help. Thank you.

Dear Haruki ,

According to the provided information , do you mean Square Meter ? or you mean 700m in a straight line of sight ?



He means clear straight line of sight, and these are best case numbers and would require a high-gain directional antenna.

If you are using an omni-directional antenna the distances will be lower, and the actual range will depend upon a lot of factors.

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