AP One 300m Current Firmware and 300mbs speeds?

We just purchased an AP one 300M as our sole access point for WiFi devices in our office. Out of the box it shows Firmware version 3.3.9 and the Online Update feature says its the most current version. When I registered the product it shows the current version is 3.3.1 in the downloads section and I cant find any release notes for 3.3.9. Any ideas?

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AP One 300M

Firmware Version
3.3.9 build 1294


I also have been unsuccessful in getting any clients connected at over 130mbs up or down. The radio is set to 802.11ng with 20/40 channel bonding. Anything else I’m missing?

3.3.9 is the current build and it just hasn’t been pushed to the download server yet, stay tuned for that.

The actual data rates and throughput you can achieve depend on a number of factors, including the client device itself. The data rates you are getting are pretty typical of a 2x2 MIMO AP. You could try switching to 5 GHz, but not all your clients may be compatible.