AP One 300M as PepVPN partner with a Balance hub


  • An AP One 300M - 3.5.4 build 1682 deployed in router mode - fixed IP address.
  • A Peplink Balance - 380 8.0.0 build 2636 - fixed IP address. Serves as a PepVPN hub to a number of spoke devices. those being configured using IC2.
  • IC2 controlling both.

Test case:
Use IC2 to establish a PepVPN connection between the two.


  1. Adding the AP One 300M to IC2 as a PepVPN device is a manual process. Easily achieved.
  2. The local ID generated (and set) by IC2 in the Balance 380 hub is automatic, non-changeable and too long for entry into the web admin of the AP 300M.
  3. Using the Balance 380 serial number as an alternative on the AP 300M results in the error message “remote peer is using unsupported version” on the Balance 380 log.

Is the AP 300M simply too old for this, or are there ways to get them to establish the PepVPN?

We have a bunch of AP 300M devices lying about…

All help (or clarification) would be appreciated.

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We do encounter this issue and we are working for the fix. Do you think it is possible to downgrade the Balance 380 to 7.1.2 as the workaround?

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Unfortunately we cannot downgrade the hub. However, for this particular student experiment we can make do with a fusionhub instance running a variant of FW 7.1.0, at least for starters.

I look forward to the updated firmware to allow these units to work with the hub.



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