AP models that support WAP3

Which models or firmware support WPA3? I was going to change from WPA2 to WPA2/WPA3 but got the warning that the SSID would not appear on devices that don’t support WPA3. I have some older AP One that are 2.4g only running 3.5.4. Are those devices compatible with WPA3?

Still looking for a reply on this. I can confirm the warning is correct - if you enable WPA2/WPA3 on an access point that does not support the feature, the SSID does not appear at all. I’m disappointed in this behavior. I would have expected the device to fall back on WPA2. With the current implementation I cannot enable WPA3 without replacing all of my access points. I’m not in a hurry to replace 20+ devices, depending on how many of the 30 I have are not capable.

As the current implementation is all or nothing, it appears I can’t use WPA3 on the ones that are capable. I really didn’t care until the most recent Apple iOS update which now warns the user that the wifi connection is not secure if it uses WPA2. I’d like my devices which are capable to use WPA3 but I can’t have a different SSID for it.


For AP models, WPA3 introduce in firmware 3.6.2.

Besides that, several other models also support WPA 3:

  1. AP One AX - now on firmware 3.8.1
  2. AP One AC Mini HW2 & AP One Flex HW4 - now on firmware 3.7.3

Hope it help :crossed_fingers: