AP Mini HW2 wrench symbol in AP controller

Any reason why wrench symbol appears next to each AP in my B20x controller after updating them to 3.7.3?


Don’t recall seeing that there before… just eye candy? :slight_smile:

@stego, do you assign firmware to that AP, from the AP Controller?

Yes in fact that option is selected.

It seems to have assigned it automatically when I updated the firmware.

To update, I clicked on “Set firmware update” on the AP list.

Its unclear in the documentation how you update the AP minis via the controller… i read about firmware packs in the B20x user manual, but there is a note on my B20x that firmware packs are deprecated and will be removed in future release.

I checked for updates but it didnt pick up the 3.7.3 firmware, so seems this is already not being used or supported.

So setting the “Update firmware” selection box to a specific firmware version means it would be ignored if a newer firmware pack was pushed out?

Setting to default(none) allow it to be updated to latest when one is pushed out?

I guess the “wrench” symbol in this case is just an indicator to show that the AP is tied to that specific firmware.