AP Management

I’m on staff at a SMB and am having to educate myself on IT management. Today I upgraded to a Balance One with 6 Pepwave AP One’s and added a second ISP. I’ve tried both the InControl and web based interface to manage the AP’s, however to no avail. I have 2 SSID’s (staff and guest), which I can see from the intregrated AP in the Balance One router, however when I add the Pepwave Mini’s they show up as their own name and with no password. My intention is to deploy all 6 AP’s over our facility to provide seamless coverage with only the 2 SSID’s. What am I missing?


Essentially you will need to choose either IC2 or the AP Controller feature in the Balance One as they are not able to be managed by both.
Choose one or the other and it should sync the settings to the AP’s.

Ok, so I logged out of IC2. I liked the interface better, but it wouldn’t push the 2 SSID’s I created out to the network. I’ve got 3 AP’s deployed, but they only show up as stand alone units (ex. PEPWAVE_0B80) and if I’m not in range of the Balance One router my SSID’s aren’t pushed through to the AP’s.

Figured it out. Needed to upgrade the firmware on my Balance One to 6.1.3

Thank you for your feedback, and I assume you are managing AP One AC mini.

Just in case others are not aware, you can refer to this thread for more details.

Thanks and regards.