AP Limit on MAX an Transit Routers

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Is the AP limit on the MAX and Transit routers due to hardware limitation?
We have a install right now where an extra 6 APs need to be controlled on the Transit DUO.
Would it be possible to purchase a licence to allow this?
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May i know how many APs you are planing to manage by the Transit DUO ? Beside that, possible to advice us the use case for the deployment that you need more than 10 APs managed by the transit duo ?

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Hi Sit
For this scenario, we are installing 16 AP ONE ENT on a 55m Super Yacht.
16 APs does sound like a lot but we have tested with less and cant get signal through some of the walls due to serious insulation (some times cant pick up wifi when only 5m away from AP but through walls)
Now that the Pepwave APs are in, we are getting much better coverage that the previous products though.
For the Transit DUO and HD4, we would be thinking that a licence increase to 20-30 APs would be more suited to the router.
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Since Max router supports 10 APs only, I suggest using InControl2 to manage those APs.

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That is what we are doing now but after a year we will have to purchase IC2 for all 16 APs which will cost €464 per year as well as using ½ GB of data per month between all the APs.
Please consider raising the licence slightly as 10 APs is not enough!
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Incontroll 2 is very nice.
The issue with yachts and such ( exept the walls of steel ect)
is that bandwidth is low and latency is high.
having a cloud based system is not always that great on a 2mb Vsat conection ( laid up or in transit)

Good Morning
Is there any further info on this?
We would really like to be able to control up to 20 AP’s on the DUO and HD4
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This will be supported in v7.1.0GA. Stay tuned!


How is it going to be structured?
Paid upgrade or just upping the max supported APs?
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Just to update this thread, the following devices now support up to 30 APs!

Balance: 30 LTE, 210 HW4, 310 HW4 MAX: 700 HW 3-4, HD2 HW5, HD2 IP67 HW 2-3,HD2 Mini, BR1 ENT, HD4, HD4 IP67, Transit MediaFast: 200, HD2, HD4

Will be rolling this out on some installs over the next few weeks

Thank You Peplink!