AP Firmware 3.5.4 Now Available!

We are happy to announce AP Firmware 3.5.4! Along with some bug fixes, AP Firmware 3.5.4 improves SSID and Wi-Fi management:

SSID Management: Each SSID can be configured with a different schedule. Client bandwidth limits can also be separately configured for each band.

Wi-Fi Management: Wi-Fi Radios can now be turned on and off on the main dashboard. Wi-Fi radios can now be scheduled in 30-minute intervals for finer schedule control.

Here are the full release notes, get your copy from our download page:

Download AP Firmware 3.5.4

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Hi Alan
When will the firmware pack be available for AP controllers?
Thank You

I noticed this is still the last available Firmware for APs. Is there still active development on this product line?

@smammen, yes. The AP firmware is on v3.6.0 RC now.

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Hi @TK_Liew
Can we trial RC?

Here’s the current active discussion, with the latest RC available at:

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