AP feature request

Request 1: On Balance series which include AP controller, please give the option to sort the Access Point table using any if the columns. At present the table is sorted by AP Name. I need to click the column header and sort by IP, MAC, location, etc.

Request 2: We bought the 310X as a replacement for a dead 380 on recommendation from the Peplink Partner. The total cost of a 310X plus PepVPN upgraded is almost the same as a 380, so why not take the unit with the newer processor and more throughput? That seemed like a wise decision at the time.

Now that the 310X is installed we find it is limited to two AP Profiles and 30 AP devices. This is disappointing for a router intended for business use, considering the device+upgrade cost of over $2500. Even the partner did not realize that limitation as it is buried in the product comparison footnotes. The 310X is rated to manage 30 devices. Who would need that many devices but could live with only two profiles? We need more profiles to spread the channel assignments overlap. This is a major issue for us, and I don’t want to pay for inControl since I already bought a router expecting internal AP management.

Before purchase the partner and I discussed that I needed remote AP controller. Neither of us realized the 30-device and 2-profile limitation which is buried in the footnotes.

Request 3: On the AP itself, at present you can log in to the device and tell if it is being managed remotely. It would be more useful if the same page said “being managed by 11.222.333.44” or “being managed by inControl account name xxxx”. We have had situations where the device was acquiring a configuration from the wrong controller due to our own error. Allowing the device to show exactly what controller is managing would make diagnosis much easier!

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I noticed too the 2 AP profiles limit. However, you can override and customize each AP individually if needed for setting your channels, tx power etc… by going to Access Point > AP details (edit icon next to each of your APs)


On my B20x

My APs are managed by the B20x, and I tweak the output power per radio, signal threshold for better roaming and channel assignments for each radio.

I have 2 AP minis and internal B20x AP. Default profile is automatically assigned to the B20x and the other profile assigned to all AP minis.

The profiles serve as a fallback.

AP details lets you tweak relevant settings according to your needs.

Stego yes that will work and I may do that temporarily, but editing each device manually defeats the purpose of using a central controller. It will take some time to edit 25 devices but fortunately we rarely change the channel assignments.

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@Don_Ferrario, we filed for the request #1. For the rest of the requests, we still discuss on them.