AP Controller within Balance & MAX routers to work in collaboration with InControl2

Hello Peplink Engineers,
We have seen several occasions where it would be terrific if the local AP controller could work in collaboration with InControl2, example situations are:

  • Marine craft (such as sea fairing vessels)
  • Remote Locations running on Satellite service
  • In locations such as schools and educational campuses where redundancy to get student and teachers connected internally is important
  • To improve the responsiveness of Captive Portals with the load time
  • Reduce the data required especially where high cost connections are use such as Australia LTE services
  • Critical Communications where internet services may be prone to interruption though the local network needs to foremost remain in service and operation with connectivity for users moving in and out of the various WAPs on the system.

We realise that it may need to be limited by available CPU resources to selected models, that we understand.

It will be interesting to see & read other community members thoughts on this.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: