AP Controller Standard vs Pro vs InControl 2

I have looked on the forums but haven’t found a clear explanation here or on the product pages on the Peplink site.

What are the differences in 2020 between AP Controller Standard vs Pro vs IC2? Pros and cons of Local AP Controller vs IC2? Does one give up anything by moving to the cloud? Does the local controller perform any intelligent client management on the LAN? Etc.

I’m sure there are a lot of superpowered AP One fanatics who have a firm grasp on this… appreciate the breakdown and explanation.

Still interested in some insight and what version of AP Controller the Balance 310X has.

I’m also interested in this topic, particularly, differences in AP Controller Standard vs Pro.

Looking through scattered forum posts dating back to 2014, I see references for Auto Power, Auto Channel, Client Load Balancing, etc. for AP Pro but not supported on AP Standard.

Does someone have an updated list of AP Controller Standard vs Pro feature sets?