Ap controller dhcp server problem

Hi All

I Hope someone has had the same problem. I have a Balance One that i’m using as my Router, AP controller and DHCP server. For some reason clients can connect to the SSID but every 5 minutes or so the balance one kicks all the clients of the network and hands out a loopback IP that is not part of the DHCP scheme.

Every time this happens i need to cycle the power on the unit to allow clients to re-connect to the Balance One.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you seen the message “Reason:Inactivity timeout of 300 seconds”? If so, this is the expected due to there is no activity from the wireless client. There are 2 possibilities this will happen:

  • The wireless client moves to an area where it is not cover by the wireless signal for more than 300 seconds.

  • The wireless client NIC has power saving mode (many latest NIC has this feature enable by default).

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