AP Config Sync: Pending

Good day out there,

Currently mid atlantic with an issue with the APs on our network. We have four access points on the net work with two showing Config sync: Completed and two showing Config sync: Pending.

The system was up and running and solid for months but it crashed yesterday and everything is working fine apart from the two acess poinds not configuring.

We have a MAX_TST_9B7A with four AP one AC Mini all hardwired.

Appriciate any help!


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Assume you have power cycled the APs?

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Hi MartinLangmaid,

Yes I have a few times and rebooted single units too.

The config sync could be out of sync itself… make some (unimportant) changes (that you can revert after) and apply them to force a new config to be pushed - see if that clears the issue.

Hello again,

Sorry im not sure what are unimportant changes?

Change the SSID or radio settings. Click save and apply and see if it forces a config sync.