AP and BLC/MAX - Captive Portal LAN port message


we noticed a new message displayed next to each CP created on IC2. Could you please elaborate a bit more about this?
Does it mean that if I have the same CP applied on “standalone” AP’s and a Balance that supplies them with WAN (not AP controller), the CP won’t work properly?


This is not a proper deployment. You shouldn’t have the design below.

Wifi client ))) AP (CP enabled) —> Balance/Max (CP enabled) —> Internet

The reason is, you will have double Captive Portals! Hence, we show this message to remind you the AP shouldn’t connect to LAN of Balance/Max to avoid double Captive Portals. You should either enable the Captive Portal on Balance/Max or AP only.

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Thanks, that was what we expected but wanted to make sure. Proper device tagging can solve the double CP issue :slight_smile:

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