Anyway to turn off a connection by a schedule

I was curious if there’s any way to turn off a connection by a schedule. I bond Starlink and a Verizon LTE by using SpeedFusion Cloud. This has been working great. At the start of my work day, I move Verizon LTE from priority 2 to priority 1 with my Starlink. This allows the bonding to function. At the end of my workday, I move Verizon LTE from priority 1 to priority 2 to disable the bonding. I rather not eat up my 150 GB monthly allowance when not working. Anyway to automate this or any other ideas to do something like this?

Hi @MangoMatt

Yes, this is possible. I’m not sure which device you are using, but hopefully this will provide enough information to help you.

Login to the device and on the System Tab, select Schedule from the left-hand menu. Click “New Schedule”.
I’ve started by selecting Weekdays only from the drop-down. I can then start adding / removing times as required. Give the new schedule a new and click Save.

Then, go to the Dashboard (or network tab on the Balance devices) and select the Verizon LTE connection.

You’ll see there is a new option “Operating Schedule” - select the name you created in the previous step. Then Save the changes (Balance Devices need to Apply Changes too).

I hope this helps,


Very nice. Thank you, Steve! Your instructions are prefect for my MAX-BR1-MK2-LTEA-W

Another (IMO better) approach is to program the Peplink to route your priority traffic properly at all times. For example, I keep streaming TVs, Security cameras, etc, on lower price connection that won’t eat precious cellular data) and then route other devices and/or applications via Speedfusion. For example, my wifi call/texting, video conferencing, etc, always goes over all WANs using Smoothing. Some devices have all traffic routed that way, some break out the traffic if they are used for both work and play. For example, if I have a cell phone or computer that uses a lot of social media/streaming Youtube/etc, I don’t route the entire device just the wifi calling/texting/business apps. Works very well. The one thing I wish Peplink would add is the ability to use the Bandwidth management settings to throttle the bandwidth by WAN and not overall. For example, have TVs use low cost connection as much bandwidth as they want but if that connection goes down to the backup WAN, the TVs are throttled to say 1-2mbps. I have raised a feature request for that.

I do that as well and it works for the most part. Here are my rules:

With these rules and both connections going, I still seen more traffic than I liked during off hours though on the LTE Verizon connection. I think I ate up about 3-4 gb during the off hours on Wed night. That’s not terrible but no reason to waste. It’s hard to say what ate those 3-4 gbs. I could probably figure it out with more effort.

With Steve’s approach, I’m getting 0 for Verizon LTE during off hours which is good.