Anyone use a 3rd Party E Sim in the Max BRI Router yet?

I am hoping to use eSims from third parties (other than Peplink). Many eSims now use QR code only and not the SIM # to load into hotspots etc.
The Pelink Max BR1 Pro 5G is supposed to be able to scan in the QR code via the webcam connection when you are in the admin software.
Has anyone done this yet? My router will be in an less accessible spot so I will be using eSims which are provided via QR code download.

Thank you,
Harley Soltes

Yes I have.
I just scan the barcode with a 3rd party barcode scanner app, it shows a long string starting LPA: which I copy and then paste into Incontrol for manual esim activation.


Thank you. I was hoping to use the Scan function and my webcam to enter it directly. There is a Scan button under the being your own sim entry field. Using my iPad, phone or laptop. Was the scanner you used a software interpreter for the qr code using a phone camera or a hardware plug in usb device?

Your iPad, iPhone, and laptop camera should work as long as you grant the camera access. My case is on Chrome. Then just scan the QR Code and InControl will push the code to the device automatically.


Thank you For the confirmation it works! It is a new feature. I am awaiting my new Peplink router and possibility of the eSIM function is why I chose it.

I did load an eSim today and it worked fine. I used a QR code scanned in with my laptop webcam. No passwords or APN needed.

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@Harley_Soltes Appreciate that you get back to us and let us know that the eSIM activation works for you! :wink:

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Load eSIM is easy, but anyone tried how to remove eSIM? It seems the eSIM unable to remove…

@Jiang_Lin I suppose you have tried to do that via InControl and below is a capture for your reference. If you run into a problem, please submit a ticket and our support will follow up with you.

:spiral_notepad: Please note that removing the eSIM could mean that you can no longer download the eSIM profile again. This varies based on the specific policy of each cellular carrier.

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hi Eddy
But i only have eSIM activation here. (I have loaded a eSIM to this already).

If you are already running 8.4.1, then I suggest you file us a ticket to further follow up with you on it.

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I am now running eSims in the BR1. I have two bring your own eSims so far and work easy scanning from QR code. One is ATT the other is Ubigi (Highly recommended worldwide eSims). My questions now is how many eSims can you load up? I have two so far…cannot find anything in the documentation.

@Harley_Soltes Two BYO eSIM is the limit.

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Thank you. Now if someone can just tell me how to delete an eSIM. The delete eSIM function not working for me.

Peplink support found the problem with deleting eSims and applied a fix to InControl 2 so they can now be deleted.

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