Anyone having issues with UK Sky Q TV boxes connecting to Pepwave WiFi?


Have had two instances now where a Sky Q TV box in very close proximity to a BR1 running latest firmware connects to the WiFI AP fine by then drops out moments later and refuses to connect again.

Any ideas how to fault find that remotely? In both cases, the Sky Q box has successfully connected to an existing router/AP without issue.


Can I confirm other Wifi devices that connected to BR1 don’t encounter the same problem?


Hi TK, Yes its just the SKY Q box that is having issues. The smart TV’s and user devices in the same vicinity (and often in the same room) as the SKYQ box are working fine.


@MartinLangmaid, look like others also having the same issue … The issue maybe related to Sky Q. Possible to isolate the issue by connect to other APs ?


Thanks guys. Looks like the SKY Q box is a bit of fussy duck when it comes to WiFi I will see what we can learn with an engineer on site and a bag full of APs.