Anyone have their Max Transit Duo start becoming unresponsive for 30s-2m at a time recently (or having cellular networks unusable until a power cycle)?

I opened a ticket but felt it wouldn’t hurt to see if others have had this issue - I haven’t had any major changes to configuration recently - would it be worth trying a reset to factory defaults and then re-importing my .conf file? I’m running 8.2.0 build 5312 but could try downgrading to 8.13.

Once or twice a day the unit will stop sending all traffic (including logging into the router interface @ on the wireless LAN - it’s happened while TMO and ATT SIM cards have been active so it doesn’t seem to just be a cellular thing. After this period passes it resumes normal operation, nothing out of the ordinary shows up in the even log. This has happened across multiple devices (iPad, laptop, phone) so it’s not something weird in a wireless stack on my side.

I solved this a while ago by resetting the unit to factory defaults and then importing my configuration - this went from happening 1-2 times a day to not occurring in more than a week!

Not solved, just a different issue now. Ticket for this issue was ignored for a week (included diagnostic dump files), so I might just have to live with it until I can switch support providers or just buy another primecare plan 4 months in.

Now it won’t become entirely unresponsive - the admin interface will be functional, but cellular networks will be basically unusable (TMO won’t connect, ATT will keep on resetting itself) until it gets power cycled… which isn’t great for doing work calls on. Phones in the location on ATT & TMO work fine, so it’s not some kind of tower failure.

@erutan, I have just notified the ticket owner to revisit your case.

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I am having the same issue. Everything is working then it drops the connection and until I cycle the power no connection. it is the same for cellular connections or bridging a Wi-Fi connection

It’s been happening regularly on cell connections, I -think- it might have happened on WiFi as WAN once?

I was considering downgrading to 8.13 then Peplink support gave me a maintenance firmware to install (though I assume it just gives more debug info).

So it had been pretty usable just sticking on 8.13 forever.

The one modem would occasionally not load SIM cards in it, but restarting the router would solve the issue. It still takes longer to do resets than the other, but that’s livable.

We had some downtime where the router wasn’t mission critical, so I tried updating to 8.4.0 and then 8.4.1. So far there’s been zero issues, so whatever behavior was introduced in 8.2.x has been fixed.

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