Anyone Have Issues Connecting a Balance 20x to Verizon ONT?

Hello Everyone,

I have a Balance 20x that I connected behind a Verizon G1100 router for about 6 months or so and this setup worked without issue, but I have recently upgraded to gigabit and Verizon switched out its ONT for a new model, which I then connected directly to my 20x, for about a week.

Peformance was great – I experienced greater throughput from the 20x than I did when using Verizon’s own equipment; however, my WAN connection would drop intermittently, even after several hours of uptime. From the Dashboard, the WAN status read, “Connected”, but no data is received or sent. Upon removing the WAN cable for a couple minutes and then reinserting it, connectivity is restored – sometimes for hours, and otherwise, for only a few minutes. Moreover, I noted that the Balance would often make two attempts to acquire the MTU settings. So I manually input the settings, to no avail. Finally, after one disconnect, I found the WAN lights off, though the wire was securely attached to the port.

These issues sometimes occurred after changing wifi settings, such as channel or channel width, but I could not perform any strict testing on this. Many disconnects occurred at random.

After a few calls to Verizon support, which carried out numerous tests against their equipment, the phone techs all suspect a faulty ONT or an IP issue, but the tech they sent to my home concluded that the installation appeared normal.

Since the 20x remained behind the G1100 for several months without a single hiccup, I do not suspect a malfunctioning WAN port. However, Verizon’s own routers haven’t manifest any connectivity problems, when connected directly to the ONT – though they do lower throughput a fair amount.

Consequently, I do not know whether to blame the 20x or ONT. I am running the latest firmware, 8.1.3, as well.

I intend to call Verizon back about this, but I’m not an expert and need some advice: How do I determine the root cause of my disconnects?