Anyone connecting to Cisco AnyConnect VPN using AnyConnect Client?

If so I would be interested in the router settings you use.

I have recently purchased the MAX to remotee into my work (MD Anderson Cancer Center) which uses Cisco AnyConnect Client.

I get to the point where the final authorization step is to finish and it just hangs. I tried to compare this router to LinkSys on my home network which works but I don’t see a lot of apple-to-apple.



You would need to portforward the ports needed to a inside device that supports Cisco AnyConnect. Otherwise you would need to use PPTP or L2TP if you want to connect remotely in a client-network scenario to the MAX.

Thanks Jarid.

Next challenge - find out the ports and IP needed.

You could just make a NAT Mapping which would forward all ports. May or may not be feasible depending if you need other ports forwarded to other inside devices using the same Public IP.

I would try to just forward TCP 443 first. By default the AnyConnect client will use TCP 443. But the AnyConnect client may also use DTLS (which provides the same type of authentication and encryption as SSL but uses UDP to do it). There is not a standard port for DTLS but I believe that there is an option on some [Cisco] routers/firewalls to configure a port for it to use and you would want that UDP port open also.