Any way to view USB modem signal strength and perhaps device logs, etc.?

If the USB modem is connected directly to a PC, there’s software that reports the signal strength, allows you to read texts sent to the modem’s phone number, etc. Is there any way to view signal strength and perhaps any error codes while the USB modem is plugged into the Surf SOHO router?

I’m running firmware 8.1.2.

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You should be able to bring up the WUI on computer or laptop, even if modem is connected to the Soho. Same as when modem is connected via USB to computer or laptop.
Plug modem into Surf soho via USB, go to web browser and type in modem IP address. I assume it’s

The modem is a Netgear 4G 313U aircard, and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t have a WUI. When it’s plugged directly into a PC, you have to download PC software apps to configure it, connect/disconnect, and read your mesages.

I can ping the IP of the modem, but it’s actually 10.92.41.XXX, not even the same subnet as the router itself, which is at

I read up on it and it seems to just use the watcher software for Mac and Windows.
10.92.41.XXX Is your public IP address. Just to see type or in browser. Or maybe plug it back into computer and use software to see if it has gateway IP starting with 192.168.???.?

10.92.41.XXX Is your public IP address

I don’t think that’s possible, as the IP range is non-routable. If it were a public IP, no one on the web would be able to reach it.

OK … a couple of things …

10.x.x.x is probably the address the modem sees because you are behind CGNAT – carrier grade network address translation. Carriers typically employ this strategy unless you have (and paid for) a static IP address. Rationale (over-simplified): “security” and because there are a limited supply of IPv4 addresses. (Search on this forum and the internet for this acronym – it’s been widely discussed.) So, in this case the “ten dot” address was likely assigned by your carrier and it’s “OK.” However, as you have observed, it’s not route-able – except to your ISP. Once your packets arrive at the ISP they’ll be magically “turned into” route-able packets sent to the internet.

Now … to your original question … I’d invite comments from others as none of our SOHO customers are using a USB modem with that product so far as I know. However, I can tell you Peplink has been responsive to requests to provide this information to users of other routers. Here’s the screen from a Balance 305 which shows the metrics from the attached USB modem, for example:
If you don’t see a similar panel on your SOHO you may wish to submit a request in the appropriate section here on the Forum. (Remember, the SOHO can only use one WAN at once so ensure the WAN with the modem attached is active.)

i’d love this with sierra, telit and quectel modems. band selection would be a plus too. This would really put a edge out there for the rural lte scene.