Any setting changes required to use gotomypc client-side over MAX BR1 Pro 5G?

Client currently overseas wanting but unsuccessfully trying to reach host machine in office over the roaming cellular WAN link - any thoughts on potentials for blocking this connection (other access good including SFC back to UK)

Hmm. I thought gotomypc built outbound sessions to a hosted server from both host PC and remote client so it shouldn’t matter…

Any logs anywhere for gotomypc you can look at?

I’d likely run a network capture on the BR1 when trying to connect to see if anything goes in or out to gotomypc servers…

Then I would try without SFC enabled in case that is blocking it.

Thanks Martin, yes tried disabling the SFC and made no odds, but actually haven’t tried forcing the client PC over the SFC - might try that tomorrow. From what I read about gotomypc you are right about the method of establishing the connection but in their q&a states “requires little or no firewall configuration”… Currently nothing other than default as far as rules/policies for the router so can’t obviously see how it would be thwarted.
Will also look at the g2pc logs if poss - client can access the host from a local wifi service but just not through the Pep

Solution: forcing the laptop over the SFC to the UK endpoint solved the issue for the client - indicating a possibility that the French telco didn’t support/permit the traffic or a geo-location limitation was set in the client’s gotomypc setup (although I didn’t see any documentation supporting tha the latter was an option).