Any problems maintaining a PuTTY connection?


Has anyone had problems maintaining a PuTTY connection and found that it traced back to your Peplink Balance One? We have been having some problems maintaining a consistent connection and it seems to coincide with the timing of our installing the new Balance One. I suspect we have a problem somewhere else but I wanted to see if anyone knew of any issues.

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I use putty all day with a Balance One as my main gateway device with no issues. What exactly are you seeing?

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My users are getting this error message regularly throughout the day:


(In case the image didn’t come through, the message is “Network error: Software caused connection abort”)

I really don’t think it’s the Balance One but I’m running out of other ideas and I thought I would check to see if anyone here knew of anything.

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Hmm. That might be the balance closing idle sessions. Try turning on TCP keepalives in putty and see if the problem goes away.

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I’ve already got that on.