Any plans to release AP One Rugged for Wi-Fi 6?


I currently have Balance 20X and AP One AX and they work like a charm! I would like to expand my wifi network also to outside areas. Do you have any plans to publish Wi-Fi 6 compatible AP One Rugged (named maybe as AP One AX Rugged :wink:) or other Wi-Fi 6 compatible outdoor-proof Wi-Fi AP?

All I really need is a AP that supports extreme temperatures as I can place the AP to a dry weather-proof location.


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We’ll have an AP One AX outdoor version coming up this year. Stay tuned.


Thank you, that sounds very good!

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Hi, any update on availability for the AP One AX Rugged Version?


It will be a few months away. We have to re-prioritise various new products because of the supply chain constrain. Sorry about that.

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