Any good reason why the Balance 310 5G Hybrid is a bad idea for a marine application?

Any good reason why the Balance 310 5G Hybrid is a bad idea for a marine application?

If the MAX Transit’s (400Mbps Router Throughput) and (150 Recommended Users) is too limited for the Network size of a Luxury Yacht Project. And the Max HD2 MBX 5G is simply too expensive at $9,999, then. If you must have a 5G connection, you only have one option in the middle, and that is the Balance 310 5G Hybrid at $1,999.

So, if you don’t care for the Wi-Fi WAN functionality and the GPS functionality, which are the obvious features NOT available on the Balance 310 5G Hybrid, should you be concerned if there is any other feature NOT available that is important for a mobile application?

Is there a comprehensive comparison chart that reveals all the differences between the available 5G Router options? (Transit 5G, Balance 310 5G Hybrid, & Max HD2 MBX 5G)

Or does anyone knows the short answer to this question?

Beneficially, the Balance 310 5G Hybrid has an LTEA radio, useful when the Yacht is on any Caribbean Island without 5G, I think this is an excellent benefit on the Balance 310 5G Hybrid.

You can use anything you like in a marine application when that marine application is a luxury yacht project. I’m working on a cruise ship at the moment with a Balance 1350 in it…

Personally though I prefer the drag and drop WAN priority dashboard interface on the MAX product line when working with things that move and will likely need interaction like that (compare to stationary offices).

Yes it is.

Weird. Thought you said it was a luxury yacht project… :wink:

Interesting. Who’s demanding 5G? Is that from the owner or is it an engineering led requirement?

Is very good value you are right. 1Gbps throughput 5G and CAT12 LET modems inbuilt, redundant SIMs etc.

GPS has always been important for me when remotely supporting / managing connectivity on things that move. .

I also use WiFi Wan a lot as a fail safe / last ditch way to get the boat connected (by tethering to the crews smartphones) so I can remotely assist when there are troubles. If you don’t need them - and barring the difference in the dashboards when it comes to WAN selection, then there is nothing I can think off.


Agreed dual radio is always a good thing. The 5G radio also works on LTEA of course…

The project involves replacing the whole network deployed in 2013, routers, switches, and APs, so management needs a solution that includes 5G, so there are no network upgrades in a 5-year period.

please keep in mind, that the antennacable length can also be a big problem. Keep them as short as possible.
Maybe you can think about one or more HD1s or Transit 5G as “external cellularmodule” an a 310x as Bondingunit. Then you have short cable runs and the best signal.

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Thanks, the existing LNR-400 is about 50 feet long, is this too long?

LMR-400 is a good cable, you’ll have about 3,5dB attentuation in this length at 2500MHz. It shouldn’t be longer imho