Any good advice where to host FH in Germany


I’m looking for some good options to host a virtual FH machine in Germany. Does anybody have some experience with German hosters?

We had experience with IONOS and unfortunately we are not that happy with the service. A lot of lost packets and problems with realtime traffic like Video-Livestreams.

AWS is doing a great job but I would prefer a virtual server that is always available and not just on premise. For that purpose AWS is too pricey.

Can anyone give an advice for a reliable and cost-effective hoster for a virtual FH machine in Germany?

Thanks and cheers

Upcloud would get my vote or Vultr both $5/month for 1TB of bandwidth.


We’re hosting multiple FusionHubs for our customers in our own DC in Frankfurt, Germany. Most of our customers are using the Peplink devices as gateways for livestreams and therefore we’re very well connected to the most big live-streaming platforms (Google/YouTube, Twitch, …). In addition to that we’re able to offer SIM cards which directly terminate the LTE connection within our network infrastructure (dedicated APN). If this could be in interest for you, feel free to contact me directly via PN and we’ll get things sorted out.