Any downsides to boosting Surf SOHO output power to boost?


I just got a Pepwave Surf SOHO, and it covers my 1,400 square foot apartment nicely, except for the furthest bedroom, where I get weak signals and bumped off the network.

I’m wondering if setting the output power to Max and Boost will improve the signal strength, but also if there will be any negative long-term effects from doing so? E.g. will the hardware not last as long.

Question is if the AP will be able to receive the signal from the client. For example a smartphone has a much weaker transmitter then the AP so it might be receiving 4 bars but if the AP can’t hear the device its still useless. Most likely causing a “Hidden Node” problem…

So I tested turning ‘Boost’ on and now I can get and hold onto the network, although it’s often slow in the furthest room and sometimes there isn’t even a connection.

(For example, I got 30Mbps last night standing in front of the Surf SOHO, but 100Kpbs in the room.)

So I’ll probably leave it on Boost for a while, and look into getting a Wi-Fi extender. In the meantime, my question remains, there’s no long-term side-effects to leaving Boost on? I’m curious, as the Surf SOHO came with Boost turned off by default.