Antennas for MAX BR1 Mini

I just purchased the MAX BR1 Mini. I have intentions on installing this in a truck. I am interested in purchasing a low profile external antenna that I could extend the Cellular, Cellular Aux, GPS, and WIFI and mount the antenna to the roof my my pick-up.

Deps Peplink sell those type of antennas or does anyone have any suggestions for an antenna?

I did a search but it didn’t return anything for “antennas”.


Please look for the local Peplink partner for the external antenna. Below is the list of Peplink partners.

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Hello @sfrazier9999,
A good resources for working out antennas for mobile broadband and other wireless applications is the Telco Antennas site from Australia, even if you are not in Australia, it is a good RF resource.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks very much.


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