Antenna Patterns for AP One AX/Lite

Does anyone have the antenna plots for the AP One AX and AP One AX Lite that they could share, I cannot see them on the data sheets or published on Peplinks site anywhere.

Yes, they are “omni” but that is not quite what I’m looking for, there is no such thing as a perfectly circular omni antenna :slight_smile:

I need azimuth / elevation plots for 2.4GHz and 5GHz so I can create an antenna pattern for use in Ekahau Pro - currently Ekahau have the older APs, not the newer AX models.


I’m also interessted to get this info

It is very important to find the best mounting position, imho

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WRT Ekahau if someone from Peplink could review this page that lists what information would be required, and then get in touch with them…

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I am getting the info now. I will let you know once it is available.



Dear all, please get the radiation pattern for AP One AX and AX Lite here.

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Thanks TK!

I have submitted these to my contact at Ekahau this morning for evaluation and inclusion in an upcoming release.

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