Antenna in Peli Case Lid?

Hey everyone,

I have a UBR LTE and use a Puma 401 antenna with it. Currently it’s mounted to a stand and I need to plug it into the UBR LTE (which is in a rack case) each time I need to use it. This is a little faffy and also a little time consuming and crucially not very waterproof!

I’d like to try and sort out a better solution and was wondering if I might be able to mount the 401 into the lid of a peli case containing the UBR LTE. Will this work? I appreciate that ultimately the antenna is designed to be mounted to a vehicle roof, but does the metallic roof provide any kind of ground plane for the antenna?

Something a little like this is what I’m thinking of, and then obviously this case can be placed outdoors on top of something at a reasonable height - ie a wall, or a stand or something.

Would appreciate any thoughts on this.


It will work fine. The Mobility antennas (formerly known as Puma) don’t need a ground plane, they just perform better with one (see page 5 of the 42G datasheet for comparison with and without).

And of course you could add a ground plane in the inside lid of the Peli case if the extra weight wasn’t an issue…

Thanks Martin that‘s very helpful!

(As was your video on setting up fusionhub with Vultr!!)

I’ll give it a go!

Thanks again,


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