Anchor! drag alarm remote mode not working

Trying to figure out what’s going on.
This nice little app has a remote mode that i used all the time. You leave one device on the boat, put it in sending mode and connect it to a monitoring device.
Unfortunately the position updates are somehow being blocked by my Pepwave Transit Max. While connected to the Pepwave it doesn’t work, as soon as i connect it to a cell connection it works.
Tried different firewall rules and NAT mapping, but nothing seems to do the trick.
Can you please point me in the right direction?
Thanks Frank

I use anchor drag software too. You have provided little to no information to allow anyone to help you diagnose.

What software are you using specifically? How does it communicate? For example, mine uses a third party cloud chat service, Telegram, to send the alerts.

How is your Peplink configured? Does it work if you factory reset and simply connect peplink to an internet connection? Its possible a rule or customization is getting in the way.

Thanks for your reply. I have not figured out how the app updates the position. I will send a message to the developer.
The software is called “Anchor! drag alarm”, it’s not a general description. That was probably misleading in my post.
I was hoping that maybe somebody else is using the same app and has figured out a workaround already.
Peplink is basically configured to default settings. I only changed cell and Wifi.

Played around again, trying some other stuff. I switched to my other SIM card and it started working again. So the issue is most certainly not the router, but some kind of IP filter where the data is being transferred to. Hopefully the developer will be able to solve this.

Interesting. There are more popular anchor apps, such as Anchor Pro. I’d want something proven that I can rely on. End of the day, if you have the right anchor and mooring gear, and you set the anchor properly, your boat should not move an inch. Many go 1 size up for overnight and 2 sizes up for storm protection. I went one size up, regretting not going 2 sizes up, but have been in 30+ knot sustained wind with higher gusts without moving an inch. My boat also has a lot of windage so I went all chain. Even with 5:1 never have moved, with boats rafted on either side on a mud bottom, but that did worry me a bit. When anchored solo, I only worry when I am in a tight anchorage about other boats not properly anchoring and hitting me.

We’re living on a boat, most times on anchor and had only dragged once in mud on the east coast. We have every season at least one crazy squall (the worst last season 55kn, sustained for 1-2 hours). All shackles and anchor grip were bent, the anchor itself did not move an inch.
I agree if you have a good setup, nothing will happen. I’m more afraid of other boats dragging into us actually.
The anchor apps are more or less for our piece of mind, if we leave the boat unattended or sleep.

There’s a plethora of apps and it’s quite confusing to find “the one”. I had a look again, found a post in the cruiser forum about this specific app. There seems to be a known issue with the way DNS works via Verizon. I can confirm this, without Verizon it works directly.

Gotcha. We stayed aboard for 6 months at a time for a few summers. We did experience some crazy squalls. Check out Mantus gear. I only trust their swivel, chain hook, etc. We use their bridle too, which distributes pressure on two bow cleats. I understand peace of mind :slight_smile:

Developer responded, there’s a known issue with Verizon. The DNS is faulty. He recommended to switch to another DNS (for example Google and and it works perfectly.