An update from Peplink on the status of the new forum software would be appreciated.

  • Is the update finished?
  • If not, do you have an estimated ETA?
  • For the past few days forum posts asking about the new forum software are getting no responses - just crickets. Some sort of communications from Peplink would be great.
  • If we knew there were still issues (and possibly what they were) maybe we wouldn’t have to keep posting here (except for actual questions concerning about our products).
  • Do wish us to continue to use this forum to post the issues we are having with this forum?
  • Please give us some kind of an update !!!

Hi Festus,

Appreciate your patience.

Fixed Known Issues:

  • Improve Speed
  • Photo pop-up
  • Retrived all old links from the previous site
  • Category Options

Complete by this week:

  • Email notifications for replies to threads
  • Unread post notification logic + yellow notification next to the post
  • Improve site performance

More minor changes will also be fixed alongside these larger changes in the meantime.


I sent you a PM. I have now used a different browser (edge) and I’m able to reply. I hadn’t been able to start a new topic or reply using the latest version of the chrome browser following the upgrade.

Thanks for help via PM. Seems to be working today. Thanks.

A couple other observations:

The Latest sort order or link doesn’t seem to show me topics with the latest replies. I think it is showing me latest started threads only, but not threads with latest replies. (is there a way to see latest replies also?)

Also on a 13" notebook, the reply area categories/tags goes offscreen unless I zoom to -50%. I also feel like with the old forum I could see a good list of threads, whereas now I’m only seeing 2 or 3 thread titles per screen on the notebook which makes it more difficult.

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