An Amazon customer share his feedback on Peplink Balance One

For Dual WAN (Two Internet providers), this is what you want
(Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2022)

My setup is a EERO mesh network.

However we have limited options for good internet providers. As you know, ERRO cannot handle dual WAN’s (two providers) so you need a router in front of the EERO.

Recently we had an outage, so I decided I wanted to have a failover setup.
Time to buy some stuff!

Here is what I did, took the Peplink unit out of the box. Powered up and connected existing cable company supplied modem to WAN 1.

Connected new DSL modem to WAN 2.

Hooked unit up to my network and waited for IP to be assigned to my laptop so that I could do initial settings.

I then went to the admin page, logged in and followed the “easy” setup that walks you step by step on configuring it. This whole process took all of about 5 minutes. I did NOT have to clone MAC’s either.

I then added the existing EERO mesh network to the router. I did NOT put the EERO in bridge mode! (EERO themselves recommends you use double NAT, this means just plug the EERO in and reboot it and let it figure it out)

The EERO picked up and became active and mesh was up and speed test is good.

I also updated firmware on the Peplink and the EERO’s as well. All good at this point.

About 3 hours later the network crashed on me.

No Internet, went through a ton of things and couldn’t get EERO mesh back active. At the end of the day I had to hard reset the Peplink using the paperclip and had to re-do the initial setup of that. I did NOT need to do any adjustments on the EERO’s.

I found some web posts about having similar issue. If this happens to you, skip any troubleshooting and go right to paperclip on the Peplink. I believe the issue occurs because of the firmware update that is done only soft reboots it. You may want to do your Peplink firmware update first, then hard reset it with paperclip and then start your main setup of your WAN’s. This IMHO could avoid the issue all together.

A few other notes, I originally tried a dual WAN unit from another manufacturer, you can find my review of that on Amazon. The other unit (TP…) waste of time… 100% don’t even bother, but Peplink! and be done with it.

I also have setup on DNS to use (cloudflare) I find this works better all around (you can set this in EERO and at the route). I DO NOT have both WAN’'s active at the same time, I put WAN2 into cold standby. I believe if you are using EERO’s having both WAN’s on top of EERO is going to cause more issues than it solves and frankly you don’t need to load balance the WAN’s unless your running some major network for a small business (at that point, EERO may not really be for you… see next paragraph).

For those who also need wifi / mesh, Peplink can also manage it’s own WIFI nodes and yes it can now do MESH. If you wan to ditch a EERO setup, this is what I would replace it with, get the Peplink router and a couple of these small WIFI mini pucks, then you can go fancy with using both WAN’s for load balancing and a ton of more advanced firewall features and such that EERO won’t have.

Always of course, try to use a wired backhaul from the WIFI Pucks to the router / switch for best results (this applies to EERO as well).

Hope this is of help to all of you out there that look for that DUAL WAN solution’s for EERO’s.

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