Amount of times speedfusion retires different WAN links and how to troubleshoot

In the middle of a video-livestream running over multiple LTE + wifi-WAN links we add a new physical & stable WAN link (WAN1). This WAN1 is setup in the speedfusion settings to have the highest prio together with the wifi-wan. Latencies on WAN1 en wifi-WAN are close (25ms - 45ms).
We are not allowed to interrupt the stream and can’t restart the speedfusion link.
Currently on the speedfusion statistics WAN1 is show as “Not available - link failure, no data received”
The general connection status of WAN1 is “connected” and passed the DNS health-checks.
Now my question:

  • How many times will the speedfusion retry to connect different (high prio) link?
  • How can I see/debug the ports (e.g. UDP 4500) speedfusion has tried?
  • Is there a way from the peplink to test the outbound ports (TCP 32015 & UDP 4500 or higher) to see where the vpn connection fails to establish a connection?