Amazon Cloud Guide?


I have Fusion Hub successfully running on VMware Fusion on my Mac. Do you have a setup guide for how to install or configure FusionHub with Amazon Cloud? I think this is the most logical progression for FusionHub and any assistance in deploying this way would be great.




Good to hear! currently we are still working on a Eval Guide/Implementation with Amazon Cloud/Cloud based deployments. We will certainly announce it as soon as it is available.


Hi Kevin- The Amazon Cloud version is still under development and will be supported later on.

Thanks -Tim


Can I ask whether the Amazon development work will also mean that there will be a version capable of running on XenServer? Amazon’s hypervisors are very similar to Xen so dev for one would likely be similar for the other. We’re currently building a public cloud with XenServer 6.2 and would very much be interested in being able to offer Speedfusion connections for our tenants, especially L2 overlay connectivity.



Here is a list of the current supported platforms the FusionHub may be implemented with so far:

VMwareESXi server
VMware Workstation


(Next Release)


Hi Jarid,

As Citrix XenCenter is merely the name of the Windows-based management tool for XenServer, does this mean that in fact XenServer is a supported platform? When I say XenServer I’m not referring to the open source Xen hypervisor but the XenServer product from Citrix (now also open source).





I did edit my previous comment. The next beta Fusion Hub release would include XenServer. Will be sure to announce once it is available for testing.


Hello All,

As of the current beta (beta 3), FusionHub supports VMware, VirtualBox, and XenServer.

Regards - Alan



Since Digital Ocean is one of the cheapest ones out there, even more so than Amazon, could it be possible to run the FusionHub virtual appliance with their servers? I would wait for an answer on this anxiously.



Hello Soriam,

Digital Ocean uses KVM for virtualization. Support for KVM is an ongoing effort, and is definitely on our road map.

Regards - Alan


Do you have an ETA for the Amazon Cloud version may be available?

Thanks, Ray


Hi Ray,

Amazon Cloud support will be coming in Q3 2014, stay tuned!

Regards - Alan



Hi, any news about Amazon support?



Yep, Amazon Cloud support will be included in the next version of FusionHub (6.2.1). We’ll be doing the open beta in a week’s time, so keep on eye on your inboxes for the invite!



I would like to test the Amazon cloud version too, how can i get the invitation?



Hello Elduran, as long as you’re getting our newsletters, you’ll get the invite.

Thanks - Alan


I am brand new here and definitely interested in this AWS possibility. Any updates? How did the testing go?



We do support AWS and Hyper-V now. Please go here for more details.


We’ve ordered a Peplink Balance 310 to evaluate using SpeedFusion over 2-4 Satellite links towards a FusionHub VM running in AWS. Our hope is to improve overall robustness and performance, as we frequently bump into issues when the system is heavily loaded (one potential cause is the crazy number of concurrent connections hitting each satellite modem, which we hope to significantly reduce using SpeedFusion).

Has anyone heard about any results, either positive or negative, of using SpeedFusion/FusionHub in this type of scenario?

Thanks, Ray