Amalgamation of two InControl2 organisations into one InControl2 organisation with data retention

Hello Peplink Team and Forum Community,
This new feature request is an extension on the previously implemented feature request Moving of devices from an Organisations Group to a brand new Organisation Profile within InControl2

We have had a couple of times the need to Amalgamate two or more organisations into a single organisation (and also to do the reverse). This situation arises when government departments are restructured and merged or broken apart and even when business merge and combine or split apart.

The current process requires retaining only one organisation and forfeiting the history of the other. It is a great shame to be losing that historical data and different system settings; it can require an extensive recreation of VLANs and other settings for the combined organisations.

It would be great to have a process where a “Super Organisational Administrator” of other organisations can have the two organisations joined and the data retained (and the reverse process is done).

This request also relates to some recent support tickets to do this.
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Marcus :slight_smile:


Hi @mldowling,

We can understand the need for this request. However, this is not currently possible, but as we implement changes to InControl in the future we will keep this request on our list of features. Whilst not something we can implement now, it is possible this could be available in a future release of InControl.




Hello @Steve.Taylor,
As always, the proactive response from the team at Peplink is to be acknowledged.

I am sharing here guidance and considered responses (two of them) received from the ticket as it may help other Peplink Partners and clients in the same situation. I do acknowledge the complexities within InControl2 and that we know that the team is open to ideas and seeing the perspective of all of our fellow partners and the users.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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