Always assign same IP address to VPN client

Is there any way to always assign the same IP address to a VPN client at home? (PPTP, L2TP, or OpenVPN)? We have a database application that only lets specified IP addresses pull data from it.

Hello @sttsllc,
You can create a VLAN with a new subnet, then make the number of DHCP IPs offered as large (or small) as you require. Assign that VLAN to your incoming VPN service and you’ll know what IPs you need to then set into the database servers permission list.

It’s good practice to have your VPN service on separate VLAN/subnet to other parts of your network, keeping it on a separate VLAN/subnet gives you better options in network security also.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I have a use case similar to the above…however my VPN clients are connecting to a FusionHub in the Cloud, which then allows the users access to whichever remote Peplink required via SpeedFusion. I cant really connect the clients to the remote Peplink as they are either on Cellular 4G or dont have a public facing WAN.

For my particular application to work, I need the remote VPN’s IP address to be static.

However there doesn’t seem to be anyway within the FusionHub to assign the same address to a VPN client.
I’ve tried setting it at the client end, but that didn’t work, the VPN tunnel wouldn’t come up.

Currently I’m using PPTP with Fusion Hub version 8.0.2s032 build 1667 and standard Windows VPN clients.

Any ideas if this is possible?

Many thanks