Alternatives for PepVPN to around 50 Surf On-The-Go units


I am looking to setup a small business which involves linking signage players at remote locations to my home network. I stumbled across the Surf On-The-Go unit which looks perfect for the remote end. The signage players are not constantly streaming data, they only need to download and store new data when it is pushed to them. The likelihood is that only one or two devices will be updated at a time and the amount of data will be relatively small around 100MB or less per device. The WAN for the signage players will be provided by 4G LTE modem which the Surf On-The-Go unit is capable of. Overall there won’t be much load on the network but I need these players to be contactable at all times with a reliable VPN connection.

PepVPN sounds perfect for this and I enquired today about the Balance 580 and 710 models. Realistically I am looking at between 20 and 50 remote players but I would like the option to expand on this if necessary in the future. The Balance range looks great and has many more features than I would probably use however I nearly fell off my chair when I received the pricing for these units. They were around 3x what I was expecting. Is there any other solution you have that may be more tailored to my needs?

You would need to go with a Balance 580 or higher in order to support that many remote peers. We also have our FusionHub Virtual Appliance available as well:


Using a FusionHub virtual appliance as a PepVPN concentrator on an AWS EC2 virtual server may meet your needs. A Surf SOHO, Balance 20 or Balance One on your home network would create a PepVPN tunnel to a FusionHub Pro appliance. The Surf-On-The-Go routers would each create PepVPN tunnels back to FusionHub. The remote signage players would receive updates via the PepVPN tunnel to your network via the FusionHub appliance.