Alternatif to surf otg

I am using a couple of peplink balance and AP ONE all tight together by PepVPN and managed centrally. I am also using a couple of Surf OTG but are some disappointed about their GUI with is still old and lacking of features. What more newer alternative is ther given for:
Wifi as WAN or usb WAN or Ethernet WAN ( for the moment possible with Surf OTG)
a couple of SSID centrally managed ( not possible)
layer 2 briging
Bonjour forwarding
GUI as on Balance or MAX product line

whichpeplink device has those features and can be easily use (plug and play) while traveling abroad?

The next step up from the SOTG is the ruggedized BR1. This has the same GUI as the MAX, comes with an internal embedded cellular modem (3g and LTE versions), supports wifi WAN/AP simultaneously and has wired WAN and LAN ports.

That would be my recommendation.


excellent so I ordered it

You could also use the Surf SOHO too, familar Peplink GUI
think it does layer 2 bridging but not sure about Bonjour forwarding
rest of the range does so I would imagine it would have it

might save you a few cents

I have the Surf SOHO already.
I am looking for something more compact
I am waiting for the BR1