Allowance: "Reserve for management traffic". Meaning?

In the monthly allowance section, what does 'Reserve for management traffic when usage hits 100% of monthly allowance" do? I looked in the user manual and couldn’t find any mention of this feature.


sounds self-explanatory… if you need to manage your device and its hit the limit, it allows the management traffic…but turns off all other traffic…

I guess the question is more “what is management traffic”? (I realize this may be a really noob question) :-/

to manage the peplink device… i.e. log into the admin panel / incontrol…

ah ok. Since I manage it locally (through lan), I would not need the sim to be kept online. Right?

Traffic to and from InControl2


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awesome. Thanks!

Does this mean i can still change settings on a peplink Router?
I need to remove a 100% usage setting