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Frequency Asked Questions

Are the 5G devices available immediately for purchase?

  • The 5G devices are globally launched for use on networks worldwide. But US carrier certifications are pending.
  • These are single SKU, truly global devices.
  • Carriers outside of the US generally do not require additional certification for use on their network.

What is the US availability?

  • The 5G devices are available to partners immediately for POC purposes (while certifications are underway).

will peplink consider to lease/loan (loan to buy) 5G modules from Hong Kong to work on existing MBX 4G so that customer can pilot the technology before all the type approval is done ? if new customer is willing to buy MBX 4G with a loan 5G module shipped separately, would it work ?

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Will the Transit 5G be available in dual modem config?

Hello @mystery,
Just like the Cat-18 model of the MAX Transit, the 5G model is the same in that it requires four (4) antenna connections and as such we do not expect there will be a MAX Transit DUO version due to the existing enclosure design and connector spacing.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Dear Simon,

Welcome to the Peplink Community. The old MBX can be upgraded with a 5G module or new can be ordered with a 4G/5G variation. I would suggest to contact your partner/ distributor for the details, like volume and project and they can check with the Peplink team what is possible for your case.

But in general Peplink doesn’t offer loan to buy options. Did you check with your partner for leasing options? And are you aware that often partner hold PoC devices for their customer?



Do we know when we will get the 5G FlexModule Mini add-on for the Balance 20X?

I’ve recently purchased the 20X with the idea of upgrading to 5G as soon as it’s possible and stop using my CAT-4 modem. Would be happy to know a ballpark estimation of when this product will make it to market. I’ve thought about buying the 5G MAX Adapter recently but I’m already using the USB connection as an additional Ethernet connection to a secondary WAN.

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Feedback from the team, we are targeted to launch the FlexModule Mini 5G version towards the end of Q3’ 2021.

Please stay tuned.


looking forward to the FlexModule Mini 5G

Conversely, how about a ‘FlexModule Mini Ethernet’ for an additional wired WAN on the 20x?

Hi @WeiMing ,

to be 100% sure. All of the new 5G modules for 20x or SDX will work with 5G AND 4G, right?
Is it possible to set a 5G module to 4G only?
Maybe @TK_Liew can give me the answer? In the first versions of the module it wont connect to 4G, that’s why I’m asking


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@dennis.hofheinz, you are right, the Cellular settings page for the 5G module has options for “Auto” and “LTE Only”. With “Auto”, the module will attempt for both 5G and LTE connections, with “LTE Only” will fix to LTE connection.