Allow thru firewall



It seems i cant connect to can someone guide me to allow this thru firewall?


Hello @danskieness,
Can you please supply us with more information so to allow the community to possibly help you, information such as:

  • model of peplink hardware
  • firmware version
  • screen shot of your outbound firewall rules
  • screen shot of your content filtering rules.

Most of the time when we find that the time . windows . com NTP servers are unavailable it is due to:

  • ISP/Carrier blocked
  • DNS error
  • ISP link capacity back to Microsofts time controller.

There are a lot of ISP that block default NTP links as there networks have previously been flooded, in many cooperate environments, access to external NTP servers are still blocked. Some ISPs offer access to there own NTP time server, it is worth asking them.

Can we recommend you have look at the publicly available NTP alternatives from

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: