Allow shared status of PepXIM & other equipment to be visible within InControl2

Hello InContro2 & PepXIM Teams,
Clients love the ability of InControl2 as a central place to monitor, manage and get alerts from, though having to go to the various other portals for the PepXIM range is not as good an experience.

We encourage the skilled teams at Peplink to bring the PepXIM, TA & others over into a common management place being InControl2.

If this is not technically possible, then surely it is feasible to implement a way to get working between the various platforms two-way communication on the basics such as:

  • status
  • firmware versions
  • up and downtimes

InControl2 already has the warranty, serial number and product code, so the rest should be reasonably possible.

This feature request can be for devices within these platforms (though not limited to):

Today (13 March 2020) we attempted to use the feature within the to link with InControl2 and lost the devices and historical data with no way to undo. A very disappointing situation as we were attempting to get ready to show the solution to a client and the historical data of the past six months already collected. Instead of adding the additional devices that were in the InControl2 organisation, it removed all existing devices from the platform and failed to add the other serial numbers from within the InControl2 platform.

It would also be suitable if a device that when listed within InControl2, can have a clickable link out to the other platforms where it is in use (and visa versa). Then you can have the central management of InCntrol2 and ease the process of locating what other platforms (could be multiple) that your customer’s devices are within.

We urge the teams at Peplink to collaborate more on making the information available centrally within InControl2.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Hello InContro2 & PepXIM Teams,
We are bringing this back up as we have over a hundred sites due to deploy next year and the client is dismayed that the same company can not get this simple feature operational feature running between their internal cloud teams.
Please bring the forward for development and deployment ASAP.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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