Allow SDX GE LAN ports 1 thru 8 to be WAN

I’d like to put in a request for the SDX (non-pro) model of Balance router to be allowed to use its integrated 8 LAN ports as WAN connections. To me, the SDX is just an SDX Pro with a built in 8-interface expansion module. If we buy an 8-port EXM expansion module, we are able to use those ports as WAN ports. I see no reason why these built-in interfaces would not be allowed to be used as WAN ports. Please consider making this change.


Hi Maxwell,

We deployed a few SDX originally not knowing these ports could NOT be used as WAN interfaces (until we got VLAN WAN).

It meant we had to improvise until VLAN WAN became available - and it still limited to only 3 VLAN WAN interfaces.

I would be very happy to see the LAN Port able to be converted to WAN Ports.

Support this request +1

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Thanks Nik - I am in a similar boat. I also bought this device assuming that they could be used as WAN, since you could do it with an EXM module.