Allow RuleSet merging when > 1 are assigned to a device

I was trying to collect my RuleSets in groups of services and functionality in InControl2. I then applied them all to my Device. My expectation (which was wrong) was that they would be merged on the device. What appears happened is that each one was applied in succession to the device which left only one RuleSet on the device after all was said and done.

It would be a great feature if there was some way to indicate RuleSets should be merged if applied on devices with other RuleSets. Perhaps that could be indicated by removing the “Default” rule from the RuleSet. I’d be ok with only one Default rule can apply to a device, but the other rulesets should be able to merge in or be additive on top of existing RuleSet defined rules. This at least would let me contain things related to each other in specific RuleSets then chose to apply those RuleSets to different devices based upon Tags which should have those rules added in addition to their unique default RuleSet.

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