Allow Remote User Access to have both the PPTP server and the L2TP servers active simultaneously

Another router that I run, A Cisco RV215W, allows its PPTP server & L2TP servers to run simultaneously, so that remote users can VPN in using either protocol. This ability is extremely useful. (And no, I don’t care to get into a discussion about the weaknesses of PPTP.)

Since the Peplink routers already have both PPTP & L2TP servers in them anyway, the present setup of requiring one to choose one server or the other, seems odd. I’d like the feature added to let me run both at the same time.

I agree and it would also be nice to point a specific PPTP or L2TP account to a specified LAN such as a VoIP LAN as opposed to just connecting to the default LAN. I usually shut off inter-vlan routing on my default LAN so that devices on that subnet can’t communicate with my VoIP subnet. I understand using a linux machine I can just go back and forth between subnets but I don’t always have a Linux machine on me and neither do some coworkers. Pointing a VPN connection to a certain LAN would be nice.