Allow PPTP VPN clients to connect with a static IP

I’m using a Window server as a PPTP VPN server. I want to make my Peplink 305 the PPTP VPN server instead. The users must always have the same IP when they connect to the VPN so they have a static IP specified in their Windows PPTP VPN client.

They are not able to connect to the Peplink PPTP VPN server with this static IP specified in their VPN client. But if I set their VPN client to auto-obtain an IP address its connects fine.

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This is the expected behavior. Any reason you need this? Can you share the used case?

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This is a doctor/medical office using the VPN to transfer DICOM images from the server to client PC. In order for the client PC to pull images from the server the DICOM imaging software on the client must have the static IP of the server and the DICOM imaging software on the server must have the static IP of the client PC. So the client PCs must always have the same static IP when they connect to the VPN or they will not be able to pull images from the server.

I believe there are number of clients need to pull DICOM images from server. Just curious why using client-server VPN (PPTP) instead of Point to point VPN (PepVPN, IPSec).

PPTP is used when the doctors are working from home or offices that dont have a public static IP or VPN-capable router. We do use point-to-point IPSec VPN for offices that do have a public static IP and VPN-capable router.

We will put this feature in our roadmap. By the way, any reason you want to switch the PPTP server from Windows to Balannce 305?

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Just because it is more stable and secure than using the Windows server.

Thanks for sharing!

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Any update on allowing a static ip per remote user on the peplink, I have dhcp server turned off on untagged, but sometime need to use the peplink to remote in to the untagged subnet, which is controlled by a different router dhcp server. It would be helpful to allow the assignment of a static up on a per user basis.

Will you make this feature available and if so when?

I need this feature also.

Can we revisit this feature request and allow adding clients to specify an ip upon connection or allow us to set a seperate dhcp pool. I have a client now that has a dhcp server on the same untagged network and I can’t connect via our pepwave router without first turning on the dhcp server on the untagged network, which causes some devices on the pc lan to lease from the pepwave vs the pc network router.

I still need this feature also. If anyone is counting…

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I would like to see t his as well, for the same reason. There are times when I need to connect and have an IP on the untagged network, but the pepwave is not running a DHCP server on that network. Turning one on is risky.

I would also like this feature.

Will this feature be added? If not I will have to buy Cisco routers because they allow me to connect with a static IP address set on the VPN client.

Closest you can come is to create a VLAN that is only used for VPN clients. Could be a very small range if that is your desire. Only way I know to have a specific IP is to limit yourself to a single IP VLAN which would mean only one VPN client at a time.