Allow licensed additional pepvpn connections in max-br1

We use the max-br1 for remote sites both for cellular backup and pepvpn connections to central data centers.

We have two data centes, so normally both allowed pepvpn connections are used.

In some customers who also have a data center we install omething like a balance 380 at their data center and use pepvpn to connect it. But since the Br1 is limited to two pepvpn connections we then have to disable the connection to our failover data center.

Now, I am aware that there are resource limits in the BR1, and it is never going to support 20 connections like a larger balance unit, but I am requesting the ability to do more than 2. I am perfectly willing to pay for this as a license add-on.
My thought is say a $100 cost license to go from limit 2 to limit 4 pepvpn connection. If I ever need more than 4, I should probably be putting in a larger unit anyway.

Right now there is a huge gap in the product line between units limited to 2 and limited to 20. There are few places where you need 20, but plenty of place where you need a little more than 2.

You may consider the BR1 ENT since it supports maximum 20 PepVPN peers.

Hope this help.

No, that really does not help. S I said, I am looking for something far below the 20 peer limit of the br1 ent, and at a lower cost. I do not need 20…I just need more than 2. 3 or 4 is plenty. And we sometimes discover we need this after a unit is installed. That is why I asked for it to be a paid license upgrade from limit 2 to 4.

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We are in the same boat, we need 4 peers , two for our datacenter and two for our customers datacenter. Can we have a license key for 4 peers please.

I’d also like to add that the BR1 ent does not support wifi,so that’s not a solution
Please allow us to purchase more pepvpn peers, the ipsec peers support 5+ plus when we tested it, so I don’t understand the limit for the pepvpn.