Allow Custom Content Filter Rules by User Group or VLAN

I need to be able to set custom Content Filter rules for different types of users/devices, similar to how you can configure specific DHCP settings per VLAN. For example:

  • My home users would have higher parental controls than guest wi-fi users. Guest wi-fi users wouldn’t have ads or web video blocked because those filters are quite restrictive and interfere with many normal websites like YouTube and Gmail.
  • Multimedia devices like TVs and Roku media streamers which sit on a separate VLAN. I cannot block ads there because it interferes with Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, etc. but I do need to block specific URLs, update sites, and porn sites.
  • Specific home users may have certain type of apps blocked (e.g. peer-to-peer) but others don’t need to.
  • Home-office users need different content filters than home users, and also need access to certain types of app traffic that is not allowed for home users (such as SSH) or vice-verse (such as RealPlayer).