All of a sudden going "offline" constantly.

Sent customer off in RV on Monday and by Tuesday the Transit Duo showed offline. Chalked it up to mountains and no signal but when looking at logs it starts up, goes online, gets time synchronization initiates SFC, gets wifi ap normal mode then goes offline. Usually happens within a few minutes and stays offline any random amount of time from minutes to hours.

Device has had no issues for over a year as far as internet and connectivity. Uses ATT and Verizon sims that are both active. I can’t do much remotely but if it does come online and I’m aware is there something I can do remotely from InControl that can fix this issue?

is customer in a fixed position or traveling and hitting different cell towers?

Fixed postion. Started when they stopped at an RV park. Then, they drove to WI and it never came back on. I had them do power cycles to no avail. I will have it back in my posession in a few days. I will check it then. I’m sure it just went out of warranty.

Got the unit back today. Transit Duo was hot to the touch. Noticed the power wire was loose and after resetting the plug and rebooting the unit came online and cooled down. One issue is that the first sim slot doesn’t seem to be working. The second sim is fine.

One is ATT and the working one is Verizon. I swapped them but I don’t know if the settings would cause it not to work. It didn’t work but when I swapped back to original postion the verizon works still and the ATT still is at “initializing” with the swirling circle.